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Hi my name is Janice and I am originally from Scotland, but moved to Tenerife with my husband in2005.  I really love the life style and the climate. You can read more  in “about me” where I have written about “Moving to Tenerife-Our dream come true” and “Living in Tenerife – 8 Years and counting”.

My hobbies include Photography,  Reiki, Pilates, yoga, alternative medicine ,cooking, sewing,  looking for bargains, and surfing the net.

As I belief that nothing is impossible and there is always an answer to the problem. I would like to share the information that has made my life easier in Tenerife.

Photography is a big part of my life now, you will find my entries to many photo challenges and my photos of nature in Tenerife.

Also included in my blog are many hints and tips regarding health using alternative medicines.


Free recipe book (pdf)

During this lock down I decided I would try to learn something new, and as I had already written a recipe book(hard copy) I decided I would like to learn how to make an ebook, so it could be available to anyone.

I went on you tube and looked at some videos, Canva came up on a few so as I had used it before, went with this it has a free version which is what I used.

The recipes in the book have been tried and tested and are quite easy, some are wheat free.

Please let me know what you think , as this is something I enjoyed doing and would like to repeat.

cookbook 2


Making masks for volunteers.

Hi how is everybody ? This has been a mad month in fact it has been a crazy time for all the world.

I live in Tenerife and we have been on lock down for a month now. Trying to keep busy.

I noticed on facebook that a local charity were looking for people to make masks for their volunteers who deliver food and essentials to the needy.

So I started sewing with what material I had, I did not have elastic so used lycra strips. In total I have made 32 ,ran out of material and cannot get any just now with the lock down.

Mini trip to El Hierro

My friend and I celebrate our birthday on the same day 13th January this year we decided to celebrate it in El Hierro.

El Hierro is the second smallest Canary Island. La Graciosa being the smallest.

As residents we get a 75 percent discount on travel, we traveled with Canaryfly from the North airport, it cost us 15 euros return each, a bargain.

I booked the accommodation through Booking.com. A lovely 2 bedroom apartment.

A young couple greeted us on arrival, and showed us around apartment when she gave me an electric blanket I was a bit baffled.

After a few hours there we realised that it was a lot colder than Tenerife

Being in El Hierro is like stepping back in time, a lovely friendly community of people who dont speak english which was good as we got to practice our spanish. They are self sufficient, a lot of farms or plots with veg and chickens and goats.

We stayed in Mocanal which was lovely quaint tiny village, with a bakery where you could go and buy fresh bread or croissants for breakfast.

The local bar was great fun , everybody so friendly and we tried our best with our spanish. Local wine 80 cents a glass.

Local bus service was good and cost 1.35 a trip.

Local Church
small garden
Pumpkins growing by the roadside
quaint houses

Homemade pesto

Been busy lately trying to make the most of the fresh food I have a bought and the herbs I have grown.

This is my version of oregano pesto.DSCF7524

A handful of hazel nuts, or nuts of your choice.

A bunch of baby celery leaves

2 tablespoons of good olive oil

1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan

1 chopped clove of garlic

1 cup of fresh oregano leaves

2 sun dried tomatoes,(I use jar ones in garlic oil )


I use a nutribullet, to grind nuts first.

then add rest of ingredients, keep pulsing till combined, you may have to open the lid and give it a stir now and again.

Add more oil if needed.

You can freeze left overs in a freezer tray.

You can use any herbs you like, I usually use basil, but had loads of oregano in the garden.


Love this homemade flaxseed gel



I found this recipe on the internet for hair gel but it has many more uses. It is a great as a moisturizer, especially for your feet and hands, really good as an aftersun and if you add water it is a good hairspray which you can just brush out.

Flaxseeds or linseeds are they sometimes called contain omega 3 fatty acids.


1/4 flaxseeds

2 cups distilled water

Bring to the boil, stir now and then, should start to thicken around 5 mins.

Strain into a glass jar when cool.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil or oil of your choice.

will keep in fridge for a month.