Reiki is often described as healing and harmony through the hands.

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This is one of my passions.I was so pleased when I achieved my Reiki II degree in 2003. At last I could help people who were suffering whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually.
My main experiences have been with friends or work colleagues, what a feeling it is when you have made a difference in their life`s.

Tip of the week

Tea tree oil.
I always have tea tree oil in my cupboard, it has so many uses,it has antifungal,antibacteria and antiviral properties-
What I have used it for
1. I put it under my nose when I travel on the plane to help prevent me catching every bodies germs.
2. I put it on cuts and blisters, it helps them heal quicker.
3. I have also used it for fungal nail infections, by putting a few drops in water and soaking my feet.
4. It is good for mosquito bites, stops the itching.
If any one can add to this list feel free.

Nature Diary – Flowers in Tenerife

I have taken a few photos of the flowers in Tenerife at the moment. Some people say we do not have any season here because we have much the same climate all year, but the flowers still only really bloom just now,and leaves do fall off trees in the Autumn through to Winter, well when everyone else is getting winter.

Welcome Everyone



Hi my name is Janice and I am originally from Scotland, but moved to Tenerife with my husband in2005.  I really love the life style and the climate. You can read more  in “about me” where I have written about “Moving to Tenerife-Our dream come true” and “Living in Tenerife – 8 Years and counting”.

My hobbies include Photography,  Reiki, Pilates, yoga, alternative medicine ,cooking, sewing,  looking for bargains, and surfing the net.

As I belief that nothing is impossible and there is always an answer to the problem. I would like to share the information that has made my life easier in Tenerife.

Photography is a big part of my life now, you will find my entries to many photo challenges and my photos of nature in Tenerife.

Also included in my blog are many hints and tips regarding health using alternative medicines.