Welcome Everyone



Hi my name is Janice and I am originally from Scotland, but moved to Tenerife with my husband in2005.  I really love the life style and the climate. You can read more  in “about me” where I have written about “Moving to Tenerife-Our dream come true” and “Living in Tenerife – 8 Years and counting”.

My hobbies include Photography,  Reiki, Pilates, yoga, alternative medicine ,cooking, sewing,  looking for bargains, and surfing the net.

As I belief that nothing is impossible and there is always an answer to the problem. I would like to share the information that has made my life easier in Tenerife.

Photography is a big part of my life now, you will find my entries to many photo challenges and my photos of nature in Tenerife.

Also included in my blog are many hints and tips regarding health using alternative medicines.


9 thoughts on “Welcome Everyone

  1. Hi Janice. Nice to meet you. How wonderful to live in Tenerife. I think it’s a better climate than Scotland 🙂
    We’re busy learning Spanish here in Mexico, as we also plan on visiting South and Central America later this year.
    Your blog is lovely, and full of good tips. I’ll be checking back as Tenerife certainly intrigues me.
    Thank you for visiting our blog, and for following. I hope you enjoy the ongoing stories of our journey, both inner and outer.

    • Hi Alison. Nice to meet you too.That you for the comments on my blog I have only been doing this for just over 2 weeks so everything is fairly new to me, but I am enjoying it , I like to share what I have learned and this gives me the opportunity. Look forward to following your blog. Janice

  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  3. Hi Janice, it is wonderful to meet you! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂 There is a wonderful community here with lots of different, amazing people to connect with and gain advice from.

    It’s wonderful to meet you 🙂

    Miss Lou

  4. Hi Janice. Thanks for visiting and following my travel blog. I’m enjoying yours. I love your 20 favourite photos, especially the hibiscus. I have 2 in my garden and love it when they flower.

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