Tip of the week


I first came into contact with Aloe Vera when I was holidaying in Tenerife about 20 years ago, we were on a Island Tour Trip and I had got a bit red with the sun, sometimes I suffer from prickly heat. There was a man selling Aloe Vera gel, he cut a piece of leave off an Aloe Vera plant, and rubbed the juice that came out of the plant on my shoulder it was so cooling. I bought some Aloe Vera gel and used it on my holiday as an after sun.No more prickly heat.
It is best to use the purist Aloe Vera you can find. There are many uses for Aloe Vera, I use it for rashes of any sort, bites, dry skin, thrush, mouth ulcers.
If you have a plant you can cut a piece of leave off and rub this on the affected area. It is really good if you keep it in the fridge
If you suffer from prickly heat as I did, use sun cream that is mostly Aloe Vera.I do not have a problem in the sun now as long as I keep putting the cream on.
In Tenerife Aloe Vera is easy to purchase, and one of the other Aloe Vera products I like is the muscle gel, which is like a natural form of deep heat without all the chemicals, and it works really well.

Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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