Herbs are wonderful



I love fresh herbs, and am really pleased this year that I have managed to keep them alive, you think it would be easy in a hot country but alas no. The soil here is not good ,so that can effect the plants and it is really hot at times so the leaves get burnt sometimes. I use a bunch of them as a bouquet garni in soups and casseroles. Rosemary is really good with lamb, as is mint but unfortunately mine did not survive this year.
You can use herbs in a medicinal sense too, I use rosemary to gargle with if I have a sore throat, just cut a few bits of plant put in hot water let fuse for a while then gargle.
If you can grow your own it is very satisfying, you get a sense of achievement and of course a natural ingredient.


  1. we love fresh herbs too! sometimes we go out to forage aloe when we catch a cold. it tastes good with honey and ginger, and most importantly boosts the immune system.

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