Tip of the week



Echinacea is a flowering herb part of the daisy family.
It is used mainly to ward off infections like cold and flu, but does work for any time you are just not feeling up to the mark.
I find it very helpful. I work in a UK owned bar, we have a lot of customers who have come over from the UK and they usually bring the infections with them, I take start taking Echinacea before I start work , and this usually keeps me cold and flu free so that I can do my job.
You can now buy Echinacea almost anywhere and it comes in tablet, liquid and even tea form.

Nature Diary – Friend or Foe

When I was watering my herbs this morning I spotted a moth on the parsley, it had nice markings, I don`t really know what kind it is, I have only seen white cabbage moths on my herbs, they usually lay their eggs on the leaves and the hatched caterpillars then eat my herbs, not sure what the moth was up to ,just sitting quietly when I took the picture. I decided to just let things be meantime and check in a few days to see if it has laid eggs. If anyone knows anything about them please let me know.