Daily prompt : Are you being served ?

A couple of days ago, I wanted to buy a case for my phone, so I went with my husband to the local chinese shop ( in Tenerife we have several chinese shops where you can buy everything)

One of the assistants came to help us, she quite abruptly asked to see our phone, we thought her English was not too good that was why she sounded abrupt, she then told us she did not have one to fit our phones ( they are quite narrow) , but we were quite prepared to use velcro to hold the phone in place, she was not having this and put the case I had in my hand back on the shelf saying no good, I picked up another one and she did the same, so we decide to leave the shop, she then started swearing at us, as we were leaving telling us to f… off  that much English she did know.

Needless to say we will not be back, We were prepared to buy 2 cases, what did it matter to her if they did not fit , we were the customers ?

It was all quite upsetting.


7 thoughts on “Daily prompt : Are you being served ?

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