Crafty Work

This is the jigsaw I brought from the UK

This is the jigsaw I brought from the UK


This is the jigsaw that I have just finished.

For a while now I have been looking for a jigsaw for my wall, I had one but it was 2000 pieces and fell off the wall after a while I think it was just too heavy. In Tenerife the walls are very crumbly which makes it difficult to hang pictures on, you have to drill holes far in to get a  grip, and sometimes for a small picture it is not worth the effort.

When we first moved to Tenerife I brought some jigsaws with me, it passed the time as we did not have tv or computer then. When I finished the jigsaws I glued them, varnished them and using double sided tape stuck them to the wall.

I am not really a fan of pictures on the wall but I think when you have invested time and effort into building the jigsaw it makes a difference, seeing it all finished and taking pride of place on your wall.

About two weeks ago I found a jigsaw in the charity shop, it was 3 euros and in very good condition, so I was up for the challenge, and today I hung it on my wall. I am really pleased with the result and much cheaper than buying a picture or a new jigsaw.


Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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