Recently I have been setting myself some challenges, small ones,that I can achieve in a short space of time, the first was my Jigsaw made into a picture posted in my “crafty work” post.

This is the second, although I crocheted squares with my mum as a youngster, I have never made an item,so decided I would like a white bag.

I searched the internet for how I should go about it,learned some stitches, and then set off to make it.

Because it is so warm here it is easier crocheting than knitting. I really enjoyed the challenge and was pleased with the result.

I used a strap off an old handbag, instead of crocheting one, because with the heat here you tend to wear sleeveless tops and a material one is more comfortable.

This challenge inspiration came to me from a blog I follow. ” Squirrel Picnic”

My next challenge is going to involve macrame, I have never tried it before, and would like to make a hanging for my wall. Watch this space.



Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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