Crafty – Making birthday cards

On Friday two of my friends share a birthday,  and as usual I forgot about the cards until today. In Tenerife it is quite difficult to buy birthday cards, not many shops sell them and they can be very expensive, I did look in a local shop but they did not have anything suitable, and tomorrow is a local holiday.  Then I had a bright idea, why not search the internet for cards you can print for free, found this sight not a lot of choice but free , some sites say they are free but it is only the trial that is free. These are the cards I chose, it was so easy to add text and images, and it printed out onto one page that you fold into a card. Great find will certainly use it again.

DSC00622 DSC00624

What a difference a year makes

Have just taken some pictures of the hills behind us, where you can see Mt Teide in the distance. It is not very often you can take pictures like this, only when the sun catches the hill is it possible. The area highlighted by the sun was completed burnt last year when there was a vast forest fire. It is great to see that the forest has recovered. 426912_2281210245382_1671608555_n

This is a picture of the forest fire last year.DSC00611

A view of the hills on a clear day, Teide is the last on the right, just peeping over

the horizon



A bit of low cloud and some sun and you can see the new forest.



Tip of the week

Sweet potato ” The worlds healthiest food”.

Lately I have become fed up with the quality of potatoes I have been buying, not all the same type in the bag, most rotten inside when you cut them, so decided I needed a change.

Over the years I have used sweet potatoes, in soups and curries, but not really as a vegetable or substitute for potatoes, I like rosti potatoes so thought I would give sweet potato a try and it was really good, kinda replaces toast for me for breakfast as I am wheat intolerant and this is great to dip in your soft poached egg.

There are many health benefits, loads of vitamin A which is good for your skin, vitamin C  which helps boost your immunity, beta-carotene, calcium and potassium. Also sweet potato has a low GI rating, which helps balance your sugar levels.

There are many different varieties of sweet potato available, white ,orange, and purple , at the moment I have tried the white and the orange, I found the orange sweeter but the white creamier when mashed.

To make the rosti I just took the skin off the sweet potato and grated it with a fine grater onto kitchen roll patted to remove excess water then fried in olive oil.


DSC00577 DSC00582


Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

Here is my contribution, my horizon usually consists of sea or hills, all changing with the weather.

Daily Prompt – “School is the new parents”

Daily Prompt – School is the new parents.

How true is this, when you leave home as a child to go to school for the first time, the adults in the school take over the role as parents, attending to all your needs.

For 16 years I worked as a social care worker in a residential school for boys with behavior and social problems. Because the school was residential, the boys stayed over for the week and went home at weekends, we were like parents to them. Now a lot of the boys I worked with have grown up, some keep in touch and have commented on how the adults in the school influenced their life’s in a positive manner.