Travel theme – sky

Here are some pictures I have taken from my balcony, some I have posted before but I really like the colours so have included them.

My version of moussaka

I like inventing my own recipes with the foods I like, Lasagne and moussaka are two of my favourites so I  decided to make a combination of the two.

Here is the recipe, you do not have to be too particular about the amounts, make enough to fill the dish you are going to cook it in.

1 Clove of garlic grated
1 Carrot grated
1 Egg
Balsamic vinegar
feta cheese
tomato sauce
worcester  sauce

  • Fry off mince and onion until brown, add garlic and grated carrot.
  • add enough water to cover
  • add a pinch of nutmeg, a tsp of oregano, a dsp of tomato sauce, worcester sauce and  a few splashes of balsamic vinegar, bring to boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 20 mins
  • mix a spoonful of cornflour in a little water then add to thicken mince, once thickened take off heat and let cool
  • slice about half a courgette and lightly fry in pan, set aside to cool
  • beat an egg then add to a tub of natural yogurt, greek yogurt is good for this
  • now assemble the dish in a deep container
  • place a layer of courgettes on the bottom, then some mince, crumbled feta cheese,then sliced tomatoes repeat until all ingredients are used
  • pour yogurt and egg mixture on top
  • top with grated Parmesan
  • bake in oven 180 degrees for about 40 minutes till top is brownDSC00726

Personal Challenge

As I have mentioned on other posts I like to swim as a form of exercise, but because my pool is not heated,I  usually only swim from March to October.

I began to question why I could not mange to swim all year, because for me there are many benefits to be had from swimming, it eases my back pain, also relieves the postherpetic  neuralgia I have as a result of having shingles 3 years ago, and of course it is a good form of all over exercise.

On checking the internet to see if swimming in cold water had any bad effects on your body, I was satisfied that is was safe to do so in fact good for you, especially your circulation.

This morning I went down for a swim, the air temp was 20 degrees, no sun,the water was cold, but after about 2 mins it felt ok and I really enjoyed it feeling very invigorated when I came out.

So the decision was made I will continue to swim and see if I can make it through the year.

Weekly photo challenge – unexpected

This is my entry, my camera has only 4x optical zoom and sometimes I would like things a bit closer, so I did an experiment with my binoculars, placing them on the camera lens to see how far I could get and how clear a picture I would achieve, I was unexpectedly surprised with the result and I did not expect it to come out in a circle.

this is a picture of the pool in the adjacent complex

this is a picture of the pool in the adjacent complex

A word a week challenge – lines

This was quite difficult as earlier on I had put most of my photos on for another challenge involving lines, but I searched and found some more, so here they are.

Tip of the week


Lemons are very versatile here are some of the things I use lemons for

  • My morning drink – hot water, slice lemon and honey, kick starts your digestive system.
  • cleaning my chopping board – eliminates smells
  • insect repellant – put 20 drops of lemon oil to 250ml water in a spray bottle and spray the room. 10 drops of oil to 1 oz sunflower oil and rub onto exposed skin, helps keep insects at bay.
  • gargle – juice of 1 lemon,1 tsp salt,add to a cup of warm water, gargle a few times, this helps a sore throat.
  • add a cup of lemon juice to your laundry for a boost, helps with stains .
  • use instead of bleach, add lemon juice and baking soda to water and soak your delicates.
  • highlight your hair – rinse your hair with 1/2 cup of lemon juice to 3/4 cup water. let dry in the sun repeat every day for a week.
  • salad dressing – lemon juice, olive oil crushed garlic and pepper.
  • lemon juice added to curry, gives it a lift.
  • marinade meat especially turkey or chicken in lemon juice – tenderizes the meat.
  • add lemon juice to your oil burner – helps concentration.
  • lemons contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, as well as being a liver cleanser.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Weekly photo challenge – layers.

Here is my entry “The barraquito” a coffee unique to the Canaries.

The coffee consists of condensed milk, espesso, liquer 43 , milk froth, cinnamon sprinkled on top. You can also have the coffee without the liquer, but I prefer it with. It is poured into a glass in layers. Delicious.



Tote Bag – New from old



Well today I made a tote bag from two  skirts that do not fit anymore. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but kept putting it off, too much trouble to get the sewing machine out. Really glad I did , I enjoyed making the bag and it was very easy.

I found the pattern on
  It took me about 2 hours, but I am pleased with the result. There are so many different ways to adapt the pattern, I might try a patch work bag next time.