2014 Challenge week 4 Nature & Wildlife Photography – Backlit leaves

Living in Tenerife in a temperate climate I found this quite a challenge, we do not have many deciduous trees where I live, our trees are mainly palm, and our shrubs are mainly cactus, so had to do the best with what I had. I used a leave fromĀ  my poinsettia which I was given for christmas and a leaf I found while walking today.


Tip of The Week


I often use herbal medication instead of conventional, because I have found there are less side affects.

Three years ago I contracted shingles it was vast from my back under my arm and across my chest. The pain was intense I had the antibiotics etc from the Doctor but 8 weeks after I was still in a lot of pain which the described as postherpetic neuralgia, in other words nerve pain. I was given pain killers which did not work, then anti convulsive drugs which made no difference then they prescribed anti depressants which made me feel spaced out but did help with the pain. I only took them for 5 or 6 days because I was really frightened I would become addicted. I decided I would look for some natural remedy so tried homeopathic medication but it did not work either, then I came across St John’s Wort which is herbal and often used for depression, I started taking 400g twice a day and after a few months cut it down to 400g which I took for a year, it made a big difference the pain was at least bearable. Even today I still have pain but it is not debilitating.

Like all herbal medication be careful if you are taking other meds.

Sand Sculpture

Whilst walking again to Los Cristianos, I came upon another sand sculpture, every time I see them I am amazed at the talent. We had a storm on Wednesday night which would have destroyed all the sculptures and here we are Friday and they look good, what a lot of hard work to get them all up again. I noticed they now have to have permits, which they display at the side of their masterpiece. These talented people rely on donations from the public to live, it must be very hard for them and now they have to pay the council for a piece of the beach to display their work.