Message in a cup.

Recently I have been trying to perfect the art of meditation, I now can block all other thoughts from my mind for about 15 mins, a good start I think.

About two weeks of practicing meditation, I started to have random thoughts, all good I may say, like for instance to re read a book I read about 2 years ago The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I really enjoyed it then, and am enjoying it again, looking at it from a different aspect.


Yesterday I was out with my husband enjoying a few drinks and relaxing , before we left we decided to have a barraquita ( a canarian coffee) we had never had one in this cafe before, when I was nearly finished it I noticed that the glass had some writing on it, it was a quote by Paulo Coelho The quote was in spanish but I managed to translate it roughly, later when I got home I looked it up on google, and this is what it said ” when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it ”

I was quite taken aback by this, what a coincidence that I just happen to be reading Paulo Coelho’s book at the time. To me it seemed much more than coincidence.

Then I began to ask myself is this some kind of sign, to keep striving for new knowledge, and asking questions.

Other thoughts I have been having have been about Budhas and tarot cards.

I have always had a great thirst for knowledge that involves the mind, healing, love, and internal peace. So will take these happenings as signs that I need to look deeper into some aspects of living.

Has anyone else experienced anything  similar ? I would like to hear  your from you, please feel free to leave comments. thanks.


Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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