Handy Tips

When I started my blog I thought I could post a weekly tip, it was easy to start with, but I am finding now I do not have the same time as I had, so decided to just post them when they arise, or when I come across a tip that I think would be of interest to others. This is my first one.


You can freeze ginger root by peeling it first, then put in freezer bag. When you need fresh ginger just take out freezer and it is easy to grate. This is convenient and saves money, before I did this I cannot count the amount of ginger root I had to throw out, because it went rotten before I had time to use it.


You can also freeze blocks of Parmesan and grate when you need, convenient and cost effective as cheese goes off quite quickly.


  1. Hello, do you know where I can buy coconut oil in the south of Tenerife? I had tried the health food shops but they only have processed not raw. Driving me a bit crazy trying to find it here, do I need to ship it in? Thanks in advance Louise

    • Hi Louise, I buy mine in a small Indian shop,( next to Headquarters Hairdressers) along from San Eugenio shopping centre, near Puerto Colon.The oil I get is 100 percent pure coconut oil 250ml for about 3 euros. I think they may also have it in 5 Continents across from the bus station. I have tried what health food shops that are still open but I think you would be more successful in an Indian, as they use coconut oil to cook with.Hope this helps, feel free to get in touch if you want anymore details. Jan.

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