“Help for Heroes”

We attended an annual event that was for the UK based charity “Help for Heroes” which helps those who have been wounded in Britains current conflicts.

This was our first time at the event and indeed our first time at the venue. There were 13 of us all British in our group, we had a great day, we cheered the 10k walkers as they returned, we bought raffle tickets ,put our loose change in a collection jar, watched the 12 singers who were performing free, had a few drinks, and all this in the sun.

What a great atmosphere there was, we met a Scottish guy who was in the Scots Guards and just come back from Alfganastan after 7 months, lovely lad and so young.

We won 2 raffle prizes for boat trips which we auctioned for 97 Euros for the charity.

The event was in Vivo Decades Pleasure Island, las Americas, the venue and the staff there were amazing.

A great day and all made so because everyone there went with the same purpose to help the charity and have a good time doing so.

We helped to raise a grand total of nearly 3000 euros, a great achievement and proud to have taken part.

Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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