Amazing Banana Pancakes

This was a recipe that was on Ben Booths fat loss challenge, it is so easy and so good to eat.




1 banana

2 eggs

a little oil for frying


1. Whisk eggs and banana, until it is smooth

2. Put a little oil in griddle

3.  Place a spoonful of mixture in griddle, depends on the size of your griddle how many you can cook at once I can get 4 at a time in mine.

4. When bubbles appear on top turn pancakes.

5. Once cooked take out and stack on a wire tray to cool slightly before eating.

These are so good for you, and you can have them for breakfast with berries or as a snack throughout the day.

You could add honey, but I think they are sweet enough without.

If you want you can double up the recipe and make enough for another day they keep fine in a container in the fridge, that is what I did this morning.



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