Tiltshift photography

Thought I would share some of the photos I took for the Photochallenge .org challenge. This was my first time post processing photos I had never heard of tiltshift before.

I used tiltshiftmaker.com although I found it very slow it did the job and I did not have to download anything.

Here are my photos

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Fool – Proof vegetable soup.


Several weeks ago I discovered the delights of pak choy and used it to make veg soup, it always turned out amazing, this week I was unable to get pak choy so made soup without it and it was equally amazing.


1 litre of veg stock

variety of veg –  about 2 cups of veg, pak choy, spring onions, courgette, white cabbage, red cabbage, peppers of all colours, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, swede, mushrooms or the mushroom stalks.

Cut all veg small, use as many of above as you have, try to use equal amounts.

Using coconut oil, saute all veg, until glistening.

Add stock and simmer until veg is soft.

Liquidize if you prefer a smooth soup.

Easy to make and every time I have made it it is amazing, no matter what combination of veg I use, I think it is the sauteing in coconut oil that makes the difference.

This is one way of getting your 5 a day, and is great for using left overs.