Mini trip to El Hierro

My friend and I celebrate our birthday on the same day 13th January this year we decided to celebrate it in El Hierro.

El Hierro is the second smallest Canary Island. La Graciosa being the smallest.

As residents we get a 75 percent discount on travel, we traveled with Canaryfly from the North airport, it cost us 15 euros return each, a bargain.

I booked the accommodation through A lovely 2 bedroom apartment.

A young couple greeted us on arrival, and showed us around apartment when she gave me an electric blanket I was a bit baffled.

After a few hours there we realised that it was a lot colder than Tenerife

Being in El Hierro is like stepping back in time, a lovely friendly community of people who dont speak english which was good as we got to practice our spanish. They are self sufficient, a lot of farms or plots with veg and chickens and goats.

We stayed in Mocanal which was lovely quaint tiny village, with a bakery where you could go and buy fresh bread or croissants for breakfast.

The local bar was great fun , everybody so friendly and we tried our best with our spanish. Local wine 80 cents a glass.

Local bus service was good and cost 1.35 a trip.

Local Church
small garden
Pumpkins growing by the roadside
quaint houses

Hibiscus Tea.



Lately my blood pressure has been a little higher than normal, so I did some research and decided that I would try to make some hibiscus tea, as the hibiscus flower has many health benefits , helps to lower blood pressure,helps to lower cholesterol, speeds up metabolism and boosts your immune system.

Worth a try I thought, as I have many bushes around me.

Step 1.So this is how I made my tea. First I dead headed the bush, then separated the stigma from the petals.


Step 2.

Then I separated the five petals and put them in the sun to dry.



Once dry I put them in a kilner jar.


Step 3.

I put a handful in my 700ml teapot and topped up with boiling water.


Step 4.

Let the petals soak for about 5 mins, then you can pour into a cup , or you can let it cool and pour in a glass.  I usually use a little honey  to sweeten it a little.


Well I have only being doing this for a week and my blood pressure has reduced from 145/95 to 128/85 much better.

Forest Walk

The Agua Garcia forest is a natural paradise, not only is it very beautiful ,this enchanted forest is also very important to Tenerife, without it we would not have a big part of our natural water supply.

This fairy tale forest is lush with laurel trees, some of which are very old and these trees are called the Guardians of the forest.There are also many other species of trees here for example eucalyptus and delfino and the forest floor is carpeted with ivy, lichens and mosses.

All the species of the laurel forest have an important role to play in trapping and keeping the water. It contains over 20 evergreen trees like laurel and the canary island ebony .

In 1508, 12 years after the Spanish conquest, the countryside  of Tacoronte and the natural springs therein were granted to a Spanish settler, Garcia de Morales.Over 500 years later this are is still known as Agua Garcia, “Garcias Water”.

On Sunday I did this walk guided by our local expert guide Andy Tomkins, you can find more information about all the walks in Tenerife on his website





2016 Photochallenge, week 24 – National, State and Local Flowers challenge.
Tenerifes national flower is the Canary Bellflower, which only grows in certain parts of Tenerife, I was on a guided walk yesterday in Teide National Park and took these photos of a Tajinaste which is endemic to Tenerife, it is also know as the “tower of jewels” because of all the little pink flowers all the way up its 5 to 8 foot height.I have posted a full view in comments.