Day to Day life in Tenerife

Going to the Hairdresser

When I first lived in Tenerife, I used a Spanish hairdresser near to where I lived, it was fine not expensive but I have short hair and only need a trim, so not a great problem that I did not speak Spanish.

Then I found a British hairdresser, went to her for about 2 years, then she gave up the business, not busy enough, not enough money coming in to pay the rent, a sign of the times.

Now I am using another British hairdresser, the name of the shop is Headquarters, Polly does my hair and Christine does my nails. They are very friendly and always cheery.
You are offered tea, coffee or water when you arrive, a nice gesture. Like in the UK it is nice to get a hairdresser who remembers you and knows how you like your hair done.

In March I had my nails done for the first time I chose Shellac as it is not so damaging to your nails, it was great stayed looking good for nearly 3 weeks and all for 17 euros.

Also they have secondhand clothes for sale and books 2 for a euro, the money goes to charity.


Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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