Moving to Tenerife – Our dream come true.

Moving to Tenerife

We moved to Tenerife in May 2005.

I have a husband, 3 daughters, and 6 grand children. I was born and brought up in Scotland where I have lived until my move in 2005.

Both my husband and I had reasonably paid jobs which we had both been in for about 20 years, I worked in child care and my husband worked as an HGV driver for the local council.

At least 3 times a year we would holiday in Tenerife, it was becoming quite expensive as I could only holiday in the school holidays, as I worked in a school.

We had decided that we would retire to Tenerife, but in 2004 quite a few of our friends died, all about the same age as us 50’s, some had made plans like us to retire abroad, but unfortunately never made it. This made us think why wait, but still it was a big step to take. On talking to some friends one day one of them said to me what is stopping you moving now if that is what you want, it made me think what was stopping us?

We were both fed up of doing the same job, day after day, in order to safe enough to holiday in Tenerife.

In November 2004 a decision was made then that we would leave our jobs, our home, our family and move to Tenerife. We had decided that we would sell our 3 bed-roomed house, and buy an apartment in Tenerife, rather than rent, I wanted a home, not just a holiday home, so we would ship our furniture out as well.

So we made a plan, put house up for sale, looked into shipping companies, sorted out what we were taking and what we had to sell or give away.

When we sold the house in January 2004, we then handed in our notices at work, and made a date to go back to Tenerife to look for an apartment to buy.

We had booked a flight for February 2004, but sadly my sister in law died and we had to re arrange flight for Easter

The first apartment the estate agent took us to see is the one we bought and are in now, the size of the balcony and the view was the deciding factors for us, plus it was only 3 years old and had only been a holiday home. On the plus side for us it was unfurnished. We sorted out the finances; the estate agent took us to get a solicitor, and to open a bank account as required to pay your bills. All of this was completed without any fuss. We were told we would get keys around beginning of June.

So now we had a date to aim for, I stopped work in April so I could get the house emptied, and sort out all the legal side of things, insurances etc. My husband worked until May.

We actually moved on the 7th May, as everything we needed to do in Scotland was done, and what was the point in staying when we could be in the sun.

We stayed in an apartment a friend of ours in Tenerife got for us for 3 weeks, then we moved into our apartment, great, but as yet our furniture had not arrived, so basically we were camping in the apartment, sleeping on an air bed, we had 2 deck chairs, and a couple of pots and just enough crockery and cutlery so we could cook. Our furniture arrived about 6 weeks later.

Well at last we were here and you know what it felt good, and it still does.


    • Thanks, even when I read it again it makes me feel woha we did it.Looking back it seems very risky, but at the time we did not see it that way, just as well, or we would not be here now. I love reading other peoples stories, so glad you enjoyed mine. x

    • I originally came from Scotland which is beautiful, but really cold in the winter. The temperature in Tenerife is never below 14 degrees, it is so good to wake up to sun every morning. The beaches are good, and we have great walkways that stretch along the coast.Yes it is good to live here, and I can understand why anyone would be jealous.

Please feel free to comment, or ask questions,your input is much appreciated.

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