Tip of the week



Echinacea is a flowering herb part of the daisy family.
It is used mainly to ward off infections like cold and flu, but does work for any time you are just not feeling up to the mark.
I find it very helpful. I work in a UK owned bar, we have a lot of customers who have come over from the UK and they usually bring the infections with them, I take start taking Echinacea before I start work , and this usually keeps me cold and flu free so that I can do my job.
You can now buy Echinacea almost anywhere and it comes in tablet, liquid and even tea form.

Herbs are wonderful



I love fresh herbs, and am really pleased this year that I have managed to keep them alive, you think it would be easy in a hot country but alas no. The soil here is not good ,so that can effect the plants and it is really hot at times so the leaves get burnt sometimes. I use a bunch of them as a bouquet garni in soups and casseroles. Rosemary is really good with lamb, as is mint but unfortunately mine did not survive this year.
You can use herbs in a medicinal sense too, I use rosemary to gargle with if I have a sore throat, just cut a few bits of plant put in hot water let fuse for a while then gargle.
If you can grow your own it is very satisfying, you get a sense of achievement and of course a natural ingredient.

Magnets for healing

For the last 25 years I have been wearing a magnetic bracelet, to begin with I wondered if they worked and how I would tell if it was working, well if I donĀ“t wear it I am in pain so it works for me. I had a knee injury that has lead to arthritis, but as long as I wear my bracelet I am fine. Over the years they have become much more than just functional they are now a fashion item. Now that I live in Tenerife I buy mine on-line, and the best site for me is Billythtree.com they offer free postage, and not only have magnetic bracelets, but necklaces and rings too. They also have a vast range of other jewellery.


I have tried for a lot of years to find things to help me relax, and become less stressed. I thought I would try meditation.Although I have not mastered it yet, with the help of a few free ebooks and some google apps, I am at least relaxing, the best app for me is Deep Relax by Darren Marks, you can get it for ipad too.There are a lot of meditation apps mostly just relaxing music, I prefer someone to talk me through the process of meditation. Also been using Paul McKenna cd’s which I find very good, I usually end up falling asleep.


I have just recently tried yoga, I have done Pilates,Tai Chi and Zumba, but never really was able to master yoga, until I found a website http://www.doyogawithme.com, and they have several videos, suited to all abilities, and what I like is that they start as short as 10 min workouts.It is great if you don`t have a lot of time one day but still want to exercise. Still find a lot of the moves hard, hope it will improve the more I practice.


Reiki is often described as healing and harmony through the hands.

reiki 29379514-vector-illustration-of-two-hands-and-calligraphic-symbol-of-reiki-over-a-blue-background

This is one of my passions.I was so pleased when I achieved my Reiki II degree in 2003. At last I could help people who were suffering whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually.
My main experiences have been with friends or work colleagues, what a feeling it is when you have made a difference in their life`s.