Sand Sculpture

Whilst walking again to Los Cristianos, I came upon another sand sculpture, every time I see them I am amazed at the talent. We had a storm on Wednesday night which would have destroyed all the sculptures and here we are Friday and they look good, what a lot of hard work to get them all up again. I noticed they now have to have permits, which they display at the side of their masterpiece. These talented people rely on donations from the public to live, it must be very hard for them and now they have to pay the council for a piece of the beach to display their work.



Sense of belonging

You know sometimes when a picture captures you, well this one did, although the scene is full of activity to me it is very calming, I love the way it portrays a sense of family and happiness. This was a picture in a hotel we stayed in Puerto de la cruz.



A word a Week Photograph Challenge – Track

After the storm and all the rain last night stopped, this morning I went out to have a look and found this lovely track caused by the rain and wind, it looks like an artist had composed it.

isn't nature wonderful.

isn’t nature wonderful.

Crafty Work

This is the jigsaw I brought from the UK

This is the jigsaw I brought from the UK


This is the jigsaw that I have just finished.

For a while now I have been looking for a jigsaw for my wall, I had one but it was 2000 pieces and fell off the wall after a while I think it was just too heavy. In Tenerife the walls are very crumbly which makes it difficult to hang pictures on, you have to drill holes far in to get a  grip, and sometimes for a small picture it is not worth the effort.

When we first moved to Tenerife I brought some jigsaws with me, it passed the time as we did not have tv or computer then. When I finished the jigsaws I glued them, varnished them and using double sided tape stuck them to the wall.

I am not really a fan of pictures on the wall but I think when you have invested time and effort into building the jigsaw it makes a difference, seeing it all finished and taking pride of place on your wall.

About two weeks ago I found a jigsaw in the charity shop, it was 3 euros and in very good condition, so I was up for the challenge, and today I hung it on my wall. I am really pleased with the result and much cheaper than buying a picture or a new jigsaw.

Sand sculpture

Walking along the sea front today, came across this sand sculpture, how talented is this guy, it took him 2 days to make.There are quite a lot of artist doing this now some have water features and others have lights for when it gets dark.They do not ask for money just sit beside there masterpiece, and hope someone is appreciative enough to give them a few coins.