Top turns into bag

Really enjoyed this project have not done anything like this for ages. Made a drawstring bag out of a strappy top. It helped I found an old strap off another bag and it just clipped on.

Just cut the top to make it square, fold in half and sew. I used the straps for the drawstring.



cut top where I have.


Personal Challenge Update

On 26 th November I posted about continuing to swim in my pool in the winter months well, I almost made it , there were 3 weeks that we did not have much sun and the temperature was down to 16 degrees, and I did try to swim but it was really too cold.

Now the temperature is about 24 degrees, and with the sun it feels warmer, so I have managed to swim the last few days , and think now it will not be a problem to keep going until November, great !

Travel theme – sky

Here are some pictures I have taken from my balcony, some I have posted before but I really like the colours so have included them.