Water Bottle Carrier

Since retiring I have been doing a lot of walking, and because it is very warm here , I always have to carry water. Mostly I carry the bottle of water in my rucksack, but only if I am doing other shopping, so decided I needed a way to attach the bottle to my bum bag or a belt.

This is what I came up with, very easy, 2 pieces of elastic, one longer piece of strap or belt material. Took about 15 minutes to put together and think it will work a treat.


Crazy Patchwork Cushion covers

Yesterday I made these cushion covers. You can use any small pieces of leftover fabric, I used the original backs because they had a zip. First of all I separated the front from the back, then I laid out all the cut out fabric pinned it in place, then zig zagged it, re joined back and front and there you have it a new cushion cover.


Make-over – knitted jacket

Like a lot of people I suspect, I have a lot of clothes that I keep because I once liked them or they are too good to throw out. Well I decided that I was going to re-vamp my wardrobe, changing the clothes I liked to something that I would wear now. I started with this knitted cardigan I bought in Ireland in Next about 12 years ago.

I never really liked the hood, so I cut that down to a collar, changed the buttons, and added a flap to the pockets now I have a new look that I will wear.


Handmade Tunic / Top

A few months ago a friend of mine gave me some material, I kept looking at it wondering what I could make, I do not have any patterns, I left them all in Uk, so thought I would look at what clothes I have and like to wear, and make a pattern out of them.
This is what I came up with a top I bought which cost 30 euros, I really love the fit, I made a paper pattern and here are the results.

The pink one is the original.

Crafty – Making birthday cards

On Friday two of my friends share a birthday,  and as usual I forgot about the cards until today. In Tenerife it is quite difficult to buy birthday cards, not many shops sell them and they can be very expensive, I did look in a local shop but they did not have anything suitable, and tomorrow is a local holiday.  Then I had a bright idea, why not search the internet for cards you can print for free, found this sight not a lot of choice but free  http://printable-cards.gotfreecards.com/index.html?cat=Birthday&dm=sa , some sites say they are free but it is only the trial that is free. These are the cards I chose, it was so easy to add text and images, and it printed out onto one page that you fold into a card. Great find will certainly use it again.

DSC00622 DSC00624