Orotava Valley Walk

Really enjoyed this walk , got a chance to practice my spanish with Jorge a young man who works with EN Pie. Afterwards had a picnic in a lovely woodland area , being Sunday there were lots of Spanish families out enjoying themselves.

Personal Challenge Update

On 26 th November I posted about continuing to swim in my pool in the winter months well, I almost made it , there were 3 weeks that we did not have much sun and the temperature was down to 16 degrees, and I did try to swim but it was really too cold.

Now the temperature is about 24 degrees, and with the sun it feels warmer, so I have managed to swim the last few days , and think now it will not be a problem to keep going until November, great !

Personal Challenge

As I have mentioned on other posts I like to swim as a form of exercise, but because my pool is not heated,IĀ  usually only swim from March to October.

I began to question why I could not mange to swim all year, because for me there are many benefits to be had from swimming, it eases my back pain, also relieves the postherpeticĀ  neuralgia I have as a result of having shingles 3 years ago, and of course it is a good form of all over exercise.

On checking the internet to see if swimming in cold water had any bad effects on your body, I was satisfied that is was safe to do so in fact good for you, especially your circulation.

This morning I went down for a swim, the air temp was 20 degrees, no sun,the water was cold, but after about 2 mins it felt ok and I really enjoyed it feeling very invigorated when I came out.

So the decision was made I will continue to swim and see if I can make it through the year.

Walk on the wild side.

WoW! Just done something I have been wanting to do for ages, but have been putting it off. We have lived in Tenerife for 8 years and have a few hills behind our apartment, I have seen people walking over the hills and wondered what was up there, but have never ventured up until today. There are a few reasons why I wanted to give it a go. (1) I was curious to what the views would be like, (2) I wondered if I was fit enough to climb up the hill and (3) it is good exercise.
I am glad I wore my trainers, because the terrain was rocky and there was a lot of shingle, with no real path, but I did manage it,a bit slippy on the way down though.
I practically live in flip-flops, in fact I do not own any shoes only sandals and of course my trainers.You don’t need much else here, well unless you want to climb hills.
I must say I really enjoyed the walk/climb, it was very quiet up the top, not even any birds singing, unlike Scotland.
No wild life visible, I heard plenty of lizards running for cover, too fast to take pictures.
The views were spectacular, I could see Los Critianos to the left and La Caleta to the right, and behind me there were banana plantations and more hills.


I have just recently tried yoga, I have done Pilates,Tai Chi and Zumba, but never really was able to master yoga, until I found a website http://www.doyogawithme.com, and they have several videos, suited to all abilities, and what I like is that they start as short as 10 min workouts.It is great if you don`t have a lot of time one day but still want to exercise. Still find a lot of the moves hard, hope it will improve the more I practice.