Insect or bug ?

This little insect or bug was running around my balcony,. Loved the really long antenna. Googled it and as far as I can see it is a longhorn beetle, anybody know any different feel free to correct me.

Nature Diary – Flown the nest


About 2 weeks ago I posted “New Life”, (mud-dauber nest built on my balcony), well the young have now hatched and flown off, and I never even got to see them.
From what I have read the eggs usually spend the winter in the nest and hatch in the spring, but maybe it is different in Tenerife, because of the temperate climate.

New Life

Under our canopy on the balcony there is a mud dauber wasp nest, these insects are harmless, we watched it build the nest over a few days and even watched it bring a grub into the nest before sealing it, very clever, even more so here as we do not have much soil and hardly any rain.Wish I had taken a picture of the wasp. These wasps build a nest out of soil and moisture then lay there eggs, paralyse the grub and seal it in the hole for the young to feed on.