House Guest

For over a month now this gecko has been living in our bedroom, only comes out at night. The good thing is it eats all spiders and insects.

We have a lot of geckos in Tenerife but they usually live outside, hiding behind the lights etc. This year it has been a little colder than normal so maybe it prefers to stay indoors.


Nature Diary – Flowers – Thorn Apple

A few months ago in I mentioned wanting to start a diary about nature well this is my first entry.

Thorn Apples are also called Datura or in spanish Hieba del Diablo translated means Herb of the devil. They are poisonous and related to deadly nightshade.

Although poisonous they are very pretty, and found in waste ground in Tenerife.


Thorn Apple growing at side of road.


spiky seed pods


close up of seed pod


very alien-ish inside pod.