7th Talk the walk Guimar

Another great walk with spectacular scenery.



This was a lovely walk to Taucho, through the pine forest. Beautiful scenery, and lovely company. 3 hour hike finished off with fish and chips provided by Palms Chippy. Thanks to Andy Tenerife Walker our guide.

Nature Diary – Flowers – Thorn Apple

A few months ago in I mentioned wanting to start a diary about nature well this is my first entry.

Thorn Apples are also called Datura or in spanish Hieba del Diablo translated means Herb of the devil. They are poisonous and related to deadly nightshade.

Although poisonous they are very pretty, and found in waste ground in Tenerife.


Thorn Apple growing at side of road.


spiky seed pods


close up of seed pod


very alien-ish inside pod.

Nature Diary – Large Bird – Osprey ?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of two big birds flying past the patio window, by the time I got my camera they were flying away from me and I only managed to capture one, I think they were osprey’s. If anyone knows different let me know.


You get an idea of the size compared to the hill and the buildings.



I cropped these but they are not very clear.