Chinese Cabbage ( Pak Choy)



This vegetable which is the same family as cabbage and broccoli is so versatile and has a fresher flavour than cabbage.

Pak Choy is low in calories and has zero fat, it contains high levels of vitamin A ,C and K.

The young small ones are the best, when you buy them put in plastic bag and refrigerate it will keep up to 3 days.

There are many uses for pak choy, I only started eating it recently, it is great instead of lettuce ( I am not a fan of lettuce )in a salad the stalks are crunchy and the leaves are good also, I use rocket sometimes but there is no crunch.

Lately as well as using pak choy in salad, I have made noodle soup, by grating carrot,turnip then adding finely chopped pak choy and spring onions with a vegetable stock cube, this does not take long to cook, then add fine noodles 5 mins before end of cooking, this makes a lovely light and refreshing soup.

Grilled pak choy is good too, just cut in half coat with garlic butter or olive oil and grill until it has some colour, the green part goes really crispy and tastes delicious .