2016 Photochallenge, week 24 – National, State and Local Flowers challenge.
Tenerifes national flower is the Canary Bellflower, which only grows in certain parts of Tenerife, I was on a guided walk yesterday in Teide National Park and took these photos of a Tajinaste which is endemic to Tenerife, it is also know as the “tower of jewels” because of all the little pink flowers all the way up its 5 to 8 foot height.I have posted a full view in comments.

Chinyero walk

This is one of the 8 k walks I did on Saturday, spectacular scenery. This walk was done with a guideĀ  “Andy Tenerife Walker” a local professional guide, we did this in partnership with the Tenerife charity “En Pie” a charity that promotes mental awareness issues. On this walk you had the opportunity to talk with Spanish people and try and learn the language. Great day had by all. We ended with a picnic where everyone took what was typical of there country, and we all shared and learned loads. Chinyero was a volcano that last erupted in 1909.

Holiday in Fuerteventura

Just back from a week in Fuerteventura. We travelled by car to Santa Cruz, then the ferry to Gran Canaria, then across Gran Canaria to get ferry to Fuerteventura, a journey of overall 5 hours, but quite pleasant and we get half price because we are residents in Tenerife.

Fuerteventura is much flatter than Tenerife and much quieter, they have lovely beaches and really clear seas and lots of sand.

Here are some of the pics I took. We had a very relaxing time.