A Photo A week challenge – flight

Well I had some fun with this challenge. In Tenerife we do not have many birds , but at the moment we have a few swift, but they are very fast and hard to photograph, whilst I was trying a dragonfly flew past, I did not think I got it but I did, a bit far away but nevertheless flight.

Over the years I have been collecting feathers from the wild, so I decided to include a picture of them as they are what birds use for flight.

As I am not working at the moment I obviously have too much time on my hands I made a picture of a kind of bird with the feathers just for fun.


Copy of DSC01720

The dragonfly is to the left of the picture.


this is the dragonfly zoomed in.


a collection of bird feathers.


fun bird made out of feathers.

A Photo A week challenge – Backlit

When we were having tea out last night I thought the view was amazing with the low sun, I had several attempts at taking a picture because the sun in the background was so bright it just blocked the water feature, until I shaded the lens a bit, and that seemed to work. It always amazes me that you see a beautiful view and when you snap a picture it looks so different sometimes. Well here is what I ended up with.