Crazy Patchwork Cushion covers

Yesterday I made these cushion covers. You can use any small pieces of leftover fabric, I used the original backs because they had a zip. First of all I separated the front from the back, then I laid out all the cut out fabric pinned it in place, then zig zagged it, re joined back and front and there you have it a new cushion cover.


Make-over – knitted jacket

Like a lot of people I suspect, I have a lot of clothes that I keep because I once liked them or they are too good to throw out. Well I decided that I was going to re-vamp my wardrobe, changing the clothes I liked to something that I would wear now. I started with this knitted cardigan I bought in Ireland in Next about 12 years ago.

I never really liked the hood, so I cut that down to a collar, changed the buttons, and added a flap to the pockets now I have a new look that I will wear.


Skirt turns into top

This afternoon I made this top out of an old skirt, I really liked the material. Basically I made the pattern from a top I had already, using the basic shape then adding my own touches to make it unique, I am delighted with the results.


Knee length wrap over skirt.



one of a kind top.

The skirt I bought in a charity shop for 2 euros, now I have a lovely top what a bargain.

Tote Bag – New from old



Well today I made a tote bag from two  skirts that do not fit anymore. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but kept putting it off, too much trouble to get the sewing machine out. Really glad I did , I enjoyed making the bag and it was very easy.

I found the pattern on
  It took me about 2 hours, but I am pleased with the result. There are so many different ways to adapt the pattern, I might try a patch work bag next time.

5 ways to re-cycle old water bottles

Living in Tenerife, we drink bottled water, I usually buy 8 litre bottles, and end up with loads of empty bottles,and as I don`t like waste I try and re-use them. Here are 5 ideas on how to re-cycle them.

1. Cut them in half, use the bottom half to grow tomatoes, or any veg you like.
2. Use the top with the lid as a cloche, for young plants.
3. Cut about 10 cm off the bottom and use for to store herb jars, in the cupboard.So much easier just to take one box out and look for the herb you want.
4. you can also store medicines in the first aid cabinet in these, it stops all the pills etc falling out when you open the cabinet door.
5. Use the cut off bottom as a tray to put plant pots in, you can then water them from the bottom, and you can make them as deep as you want.