Christmas presents

My family came out to see us last week it was great to spend time with the grandchildren.

I made tote bags for my granddaughters , they loved them.DSC00769 DSC00770

They were made from clothes that do not fit me anymore, namely a blouse, trousers, skirt and pyjamas. what fun I had making them.


New from Old


I bought a large gents white shirt from a charity shop for 2 euros, and decide to recycle it into a tunic style top, that I can wear with leggings.
I took the collar off, shortened the sleeves, took it in a little and added a few colourful buttons, hey presto! a new item to add to my wardrobe.
It only took a few hours once I decide what I was going to do, and I had so much fun, forgot how much I like dressmaking. It is a great feeling to have created something, certainly gives you a lift.


New from Old


I am quite thrifty, always looking for a bargain, and new ways to recycle. I have been sewing since I was 12, I used to go to night classes with my sister, when we were at high school. Over the years I have made a number of articles of clothing, including my wedding dress, my daughters and christening gowns. When I was in my teens (a while ago now ) I enjoyed the fact that I had clothes no one else had ,they were unique because I had created them.
I have not really done any sewing since I moved to Tenerife, for one thing material is expensive here, and there are not many shops that sell threads, elastic, ribbons etc.
On looking through other peoples blogs as I do on a regular basis I came across some crafty ones that gave me an idea, so I searched google for some help and found this great sewing site, from there I discovered different ways of using the clothes you have to make new ones, very exciting.
So I set to work and made this dress out of a top I no longer wear and a dress that I did not like the top on.
My opinion is it is great so comfortable, and free. Over the next few weeks I am going to be looking in the second hand shops for clothes that I can revamp, large flared skirts could be made into a dress for me, mens shirts could be made into tunics, there is no end to the possibilities now that I the bug.