Photo 101 challenge

Day 3 – Water


Where I live we have very little rainfall, no rivers but we are surrounded by the sea. We use bottled water to drink. I have been trying for ages to master the settings on my camera, so here is my attempt at capturing flowing water.DSCF6330


both these pictures taken vertical.



This picture was taken horizontally.


2014 Photo challenge – nature & wildlife – Water meets Land

Today I decided what I wanted to photograph for the challenge, and what I wanted to achieve. For me it had to be the sea being that we do not have any rivers etc in Tenerife. My aim was to get the effect of the soft flowing sea and the hard rocks as contrast. Hopefully I achieved this.

Here is my entry.


These are some of the other shots I took.

DSCF2574 DSCF2592 DSCF2567 DSCF2579 DSCF2564

Cee’s fun foto challenge – water,rain, puddles

These are some pictures I found when we had a thunderstorm in Tenerife last December, we do not get rain often so pictures of water here is hard to find unless you count the sea.



the road beside us flooded


water ran down the hills like small waterfalls


picture of the atlantic

2014 Challenge Week 16 Nature and Wildlife- Water (long exposure)

Living in Tenerife I only have the ocean, as there are no streams etc. I managed to get a few good pictures, I useĀ  a sony cybershot I lowered the EV to -2.

This is the photo I put into the challengeDSC01618

These are the other photos I took, it was hard to decide.

50 shades of blue !

These pictures of the sky and sea were taken from my balcony, I just loved the way it looked the range of colours, everyday it is different. This was taken on a day we had light rain, very different from Scotland when it rains there the sky is dark. You can just make out La Gomera, (another Island in the Canaries) in the distance under low cloud.