Tip of the Week

Growing vegetables in pots

When I lived in the UK , I had a garden for vegetables and one for herbs. Now I am in Tenerife I have a balcony, because I still like to grow some of my own vegetables and herbs I do so now in pots. Over the years I have grown potatoes, carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and this year I am going to try and grow sweet potatoes.


The sweet potatoes are already on the go, will let you know how they fair.

It is fairly easy to grow in pots, most of what I grow come from seeds, except the potatoes. I plant maybe 3 potatoes that are going to seed in one pot, cover and leave to grow, they only need a little water to begin with until the leaves appear, and even then do not over water them as they will rot.

I sow  my seeds in small pots to start with then transplant into bigger ones when they have about 4 leaves.

It is such a joy to eat something you have grown yourself.

Tip of the week

Sweet potato ” The worlds healthiest food”.

Lately I have become fed up with the quality of potatoes I have been buying, not all the same type in the bag, most rotten inside when you cut them, so decided I needed a change.

Over the years I have used sweet potatoes, in soups and curries, but not really as a vegetable or substitute for potatoes, I like rosti potatoes so thought I would give sweet potato a try and it was really good, kinda replaces toast for me for breakfast as I am wheat intolerant and this is great to dip in your soft poached egg.

There are many health benefits, loads of vitamin A which is good for your skin, vitamin C  which helps boost your immunity, beta-carotene, calcium and potassium. Also sweet potato has a low GI rating, which helps balance your sugar levels.

There are many different varieties of sweet potato available, white ,orange, and purple , at the moment I have tried the white and the orange, I found the orange sweeter but the white creamier when mashed.

To make the rosti I just took the skin off the sweet potato and grated it with a fine grater onto kitchen roll patted to remove excess water then fried in olive oil.


DSC00577 DSC00582


Quick Vegetable Soup

Made this yesterday out of what I had in the fridge. It was surprisingly good,so I thought I would share it.

1 ltr veg stock
1/2 finely chopped onion
Handful of chopped garlic chives
Diced tops of 2 large spring onions ( green part, the part that is usually discarded )
1 sweet potato chopped
10 pieces of asparagus stalks ( tinned )

Put all together in a pan, and simmer for 5 mins.
Liquidize and serve with crusty bread, ryvita or wheat free bread, if you are like me and have a wheat intolerance.Garlic chives can be frozen if you chop them first and place in an air tight container, surprisingly they stay separate. The garlic can smell the freezer so make sure you put the chives in two containers one inside the other.