Wheat free crumb dressing

As a wheat intolerant I am always trying out new ideas, it is not easy in Tenerife to get wheat free flour, so I mainly use rice flour, maize flour or ground porridge oats into flour.

This is my take on turkey escalopes.


1 cup of ground oats

2 teaspoons of ground seeds ( I use sunflower and pumpkin )

1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves

1 table spoon of Parmesan or more if you like

1 egg



1. Mix oats, seeds, thyme and parmesan together in a flat dish

2. Mix egg in a flat dish

3. Take turkey escalopes ( thin pieces of turkey), and coat with corn flour, then dip in egg mixture then crumb mixture.

4. Put a knob of butter in a hot pan add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. When hot add the escalopes not too many at a time or they will not be crispy.

5. They only take a few minutes each side, but only turn the once, so you do not disturb the coating.

I found this worked really well and tasted good, I think I will try it with other flavours like curry, and also experiment with different herbs.

You can use this coating for fish,  scotch eggs, chicken in fact any time you need a crumb coating.