Tip of the Week

Growing vegetables in pots

When I lived in the UK , I had a garden for vegetables and one for herbs. Now I am in Tenerife I have a balcony, because I still like to grow some of my own vegetables and herbs I do so now in pots. Over the years I have grown potatoes, carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and this year I am going to try and grow sweet potatoes.


The sweet potatoes are already on the go, will let you know how they fair.

It is fairly easy to grow in pots, most of what I grow come from seeds, except the potatoes. I plant maybe 3 potatoes that are going to seed in one pot, cover and leave to grow, they only need a little water to begin with until the leaves appear, and even then do not over water them as they will rot.

I sow  my seeds in small pots to start with then transplant into bigger ones when they have about 4 leaves.

It is such a joy to eat something you have grown yourself.