Chinyero walk

This is one of the 8 k walks I did on Saturday, spectacular scenery. This walk was done with a guideĀ  “Andy Tenerife Walker” a local professional guide, we did this in partnership with the Tenerife charity “En Pie” a charity that promotes mental awareness issues. On this walk you had the opportunity to talk with Spanish people and try and learn the language. Great day had by all. We ended with a picnic where everyone took what was typical of there country, and we all shared and learned loads. Chinyero was a volcano that last erupted in 1909.

Unusual sight in Tenerife

Today we decided to walk to the donkey ride / animal park that is quite near us, we went there maybe 6 years ago, they had horses, donkeys, goats and many different birds then. We were a bit disappointed today as we could only find a couple of horses and donkeys, no goats or birds, however we came across some cows and bulls also hens and a cockerel, these were in a part that looked like a working farm, I got the feeling we were trespassing but I took some pictures anyway, as cows are an uncommon site in Tenerife. It looked like the farm is not running the treking anymore.
On the way back home there is a restaurant that has a windmill another unusual site in Tenerife.

Walk on the wild side.

WoW! Just done something I have been wanting to do for ages, but have been putting it off. We have lived in Tenerife for 8 years and have a few hills behind our apartment, I have seen people walking over the hills and wondered what was up there, but have never ventured up until today. There are a few reasons why I wanted to give it a go. (1) I was curious to what the views would be like, (2) I wondered if I was fit enough to climb up the hill and (3) it is good exercise.
I am glad I wore my trainers, because the terrain was rocky and there was a lot of shingle, with no real path, but I did manage it,a bit slippy on the way down though.
I practically live in flip-flops, in fact I do not own any shoes only sandals and of course my trainers.You don’t need much else here, well unless you want to climb hills.
I must say I really enjoyed the walk/climb, it was very quiet up the top, not even any birds singing, unlike Scotland.
No wild life visible, I heard plenty of lizards running for cover, too fast to take pictures.
The views were spectacular, I could see Los Critianos to the left and La Caleta to the right, and behind me there were banana plantations and more hills.